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International Undergraduate Program in International Relations


To support the objective of achieving both national and international recognition and in giving positive impacts to the society, Universitas Padjadjaran has committed to continue to develop study programs that deliver high-quality education that is in par with international standards. In accordance with this objective, this year of 2023, the Faculty of Social and Political Sciences is opening a new international undergraduate program in International Relations. The establishment of the international undergraduate program in international relations aims to advance the provision of high-quality education in producing international relations graduates with abilities and capacities to compete at national, regional, and international levels. 

International Relations is an interdisciplinary major that studies the interaction of actors and non-state actors in the sphere of global politics, economics, socio-cultural, security, and environment. It comprises the topics of Theory and Methodology of International Relations, Foreign Policy and Diplomacy, Global Security, Global Governance, Global Political Economy, and Globalization Studies. The international undergraduate program in International Relations, Universitas Padjadjaran, will prepare students for careers in the government and non-governmental sectors including academics, journalism, private company, and international organizations. The program will provide students with the opportunity to experience an educational program with English as the Medium of Instruction (EMI), conducted and supervised by highly qualified instructors with professional backgrounds. Students will further benefit from international exposures by participating in a study abroad program for a period between one to four semesters at our partner institutions. By having the opportunity to study abroad during their program, the students are benefited from experiencing the education program at partner universities, but they are also expected to enhance their cultural awareness and adaptability, and also their language proficiency. 

Program Objectives

The International Undergraduate Program in International Relations, Universitas Padjadjaran, aims to develop skills in exploring and understanding phenomena in international relations through the theory and methodology of International Relations to design an alternative solution for global, regional, national, and local issues. The program will produce graduates who have international qualifications that could contribute to the increasing competitiveness of the nation at the regional and global levels. The program will also strengthen the collaboration in teaching and research between Universitas Padjadjaran and global partners across the world; therefore, it could also facilitate the two-way transfer of science, technology, and information.

Graduate Profiles

The graduate profiles of the International Undergraduate Program in International Relations are as follows: 

Diplomats who can represent countries/sub-states and non-states in the diplomatic sphere through protection, representing, negotiating, reporting, and promoting.

Academics who can master the theoretical and methodological aspects of the study of International Relations.

Analyst who can analyze international relations to facilitate programming, policy making, and decision-making.

Activist who can carry out community empowerment activities in international relations activities.

Program Structure and Curriculum

Program Structure

Considering the early development stage of the program, we propose a program structure of a Single Degree Program with the degree granted from Universitas Padjadjaran. The program is designed as follows:

Single Degree Program

Curriculum Overview

The curriculum for eight (8) semesters of the program is designed according to the curriculum for the regular undergraduate program of International Relations in the Faculty of Social and Political Sciences. The students must fulfill 144 credits to graduate, and the courses are composed of both mandatory courses and elective courses. Following the courses and curriculum at the partner institutions, the credits acknowledgment will be transferred and converted accordingly.

Partner Institutions